Creative Writing Corner is your place to fire up your fiction – a free audio course that walks you through the steps to writing great stories, from generating ideas to polishing your final draft.

Want to become a better writer? Listen to each 10-15 minute lesson, take notes, and do the homework assignments. Listen to the author interviews and follow the advice that fits you as a writer. Make storytelling a regular daily practice. Then bit by bit, step by step, you’ll find yourself writing better stories, essays, novels, plays, screenplays, or comics. Agents, editors, and readers will respond to your writing and ask for more. You’ll be telling the stories you need to tell, as well as they can be told, and likely getting paid to do so. Cool, right?

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The Host

Author and writing teacher Luke J. Morris holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Hillsdale College and a master’s degree in Creative Writing from Wilkes University. He  studied playwriting and creative nonfiction in undergrad, then majored in fiction and minored in screenwriting in graduate school. He has published half a dozen books, has contributed to a screenplay in circulation and a comic book in production, and is currently finishing a novel. Originally from the Chicago area, he now teaches English and Creative Writing to high-performing high schoolers at a charter school in Phoenix. 

When not writing, teaching, or podcasting, Luke spends time with his teenage son, his bratty cats, or his beautiful fiance, reads books, trains Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, sails boats, skis mountains, watches movies, and tries (mostly fails) to keep his home clean.

See Luke’s writing at lukejmorris.com/books.