Creative Writing Corner Episode 3: Matthew Harrill on Building Your Worlds (part 1)

My guest today is an old friend, a scary talented Amazon best-selling author from overseas, Mr. Matthew W Harrill!

Author of the ARC Chronicles trilogy, which begins with the award-winning Hellbounce, Matt has continued to grow and spread his wings as a writer. He’s just released his latest novel, The Eyes Have No Soul, a demonic thriller set in the ARC universe (but you don’t need to have read the others to start there!).

Listen to Matt tell us how he structures his stories, from his idea generation process to his character inspirations to his meticulous outlines. He’ll inspire you to build your own fictional world.

Then go pick up his books and see how it’s done! (In case you need extra incentive, Matt wrote this book as a tribute to a family struggle with Type 1 diabetes, and he’s donating a portion of the proceeds from The Eyes Have No Soul to diabetes research. So be a mensch and buy it already!)

And don’t forget to tune in to part 2 of this interview for the rest of Matt’s stellar advice, plus your homework assignment. See you then!

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